Pride in Belonging

15 December 2020

Dear Old Boys

As a rather extraordinary 2020 rushes to an end it is timely to send out our last Gravel for the Year.

It was a pleasure to welcome virtually every 2020 Leaver to the Old Boys' Association at the Leavers' Dinner. This will be their first official contact since leaving school last Saturday and the beginning of what we hope will be a long and rewarding association. Once again, I wish them well for their life beyond the College gates.

It is now more than a month since the Special General Meeting which provided the Executive with the mandate to support the purchase of the School House Bush and adjacent paddocks and farm buildings. Since then Old Boys have donated over 120 thousand dollars to the Appeal. This has been a fantastic response and entirely heartening. All donors are sincerely thanked. Donations continue to come in, more are pledged, and other Old Boys are actively encouraging friends and acquaintances to make their own tax-deductible donations to ensure that the required $200 thousand mark is achieved by March 31st. As the old saying goes, all the more the merrier and we certainly look forward to the celebrations when the land becomes another special addition to the College Campus.

It is a pleasure to announce that Max Andrew, son of Old Boy Scott Andrew, is the recipient of the Old Boys' Scholarship for 2021. Max is currently a student at Masterton Intermediate School and will join Year 9 at Rathkeale next year.

This year's Rock Runner is a little behind the normal schedule but should arrive via email in time to offer some summer reading. If you especially wish to have a hard copy, please let us know via email.

Those of you who were part of a cohort who left school on a 0 or 1 year (e.g. 1970, 71, 80, 81 etc) remember Queen's Birthday Weekend 2021 is your big Decade Reunion time. We really want you there!! Contact ROBA if you are in the dark about what to do to get there or who to contact.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Executive, I wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas season and, hopefully, a more normal and less challenging New Year!

Grant Harper

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