4WD Tour


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the total fire ban.

The Rathkeale Old Boys Association (ROBA) are excited to present our inaugural 4WD tour.

Not only will it be a great opportunity to see some of the Wairarapa’s picturesque farming landscape, but you’ll do so knowing that you’re helping raise funds to provide a scholarship or two to a student/students that would otherwise not have access to an education of this quality and all that Rathkeale has to offer. You’ll be making a real difference to a young man’s life.

So grab a mate or two, fill up your Ute or SUV and lock in the date! We are strictly limited to 100 vehicles, thus once the sooner your register, the sooner your in, as attendance will be on a first up best dressed basis.

After pitching a tent, unhitching your caravan and saying gidday to your neighbour for the next couple of days, this unique 4WD Tour will begin.



Note: this is just to register your interest. An invoice for payment will be sent at a later date to the email address provided.


One account per registration


$550 + GST per vehicle (includes 2 passengers)
$200 + GST per extra adult

This includes:

  • All meals are provided throughout the tour as per the itinerary and are fully catered so no need to bring cutlery or seating
  • Access to Rathkeale College campsite and amenities.
  • Exclusive access to private farm land and tracks.



Thanks to our sponsors

Location and Dates

Rathkeale College
217 Willow Park Drive
Opaki Masterton 5871

Easter Weekend
Friday 29th – Sunday 31st of March 2024


Please note the ROBA committee reserve the right to alter this itinerary as and when required.

DAY ONE - Friday 29th March

12.00 pm

Rathkeale College gates will be open for arrivals allowing you to set up camp. Vehicle scrutineering will also take place between 12.pm – 2.pm

2.25 pm Tour event briefing in the Dining Hall
2.30 pm 

Tour departs for Rangitumau and Ruamahanga area

5.30 pm 

Tour arrives back at Rathkeale College

6.30 pm 

Two course evening meal served in the School Dining Hall

Bar available until 10.pm, Eftpos available onsite

DAY TWO – Saturday 30th of March

7.00 am 

Continental Breakfast, tea, coffee & fruit served in the School Dining Hall

8.00 am 

Vehicle scrutineering for any late vehicle arrivals

8.25 am Daily event briefing in the Dining Hall
8.30 am 

Tour departs for Tauweru and Wainuioru area

12.30 pm 

Gourmet outdoor BBQ

2.00 pm 

Tour continues.

5.00 pm 

Tour arrives back at Rathkeale College

6.30 pm 

Two course evening meal served in the School Dining Hall. Bar available until 11.pm. Eftpos available onsite

8.30 pm

Fundraising Auction

DAY THREE – Sunday 31st of March

7.00 am 

Continental Breakfast, tea, coffee & fruit served in the School Dining Hall

8.25 am Daily event briefing in the Dining Hall
8.30 am

Pack up camp

9.00 am 

Tour departs for Matahiwi

12.00 pm 

Tour ends with a packed lunch provided.

Guests can begin making travel plans towards their destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Rathkeale College Event?

A: No, the event is hosted by the Rathkeale Old Boys Association (ROBA) but is based at Rathkeale College

Do I have to be a Rathkeale College Old Boys to attend the event?

A: No absolutely not, the event is open to anyone.

Is this event for extreme hardcore 4WD enthusiasts?

A: No, the event is designed to be a clean 4WD tour, but your vehicle must be able to select full time low ratio 4WD. 

Can I bring my dog to the event?

A: Unfortunately, as the event crosses private farmland & forestry dogs aren’t permitted on the trip and aren’t permitted on school grounds.

What if for some reason I or a member of my vehicle can’t attend the event at the last minute?

A: This is explained in our event cancellation policy

Who decides if my vehicle isn’t suitable for the event?

A: This is at the sole discretion of the ROBA organising committee and the vehicle marshals (please see the “Vehicle Requirements” section on the home page).

What if I have dietary requirements or food allergies?

A: As part of your registration confirmation, you can let us know your requirements and we will be able to accommodate you.

What if my vehicle gets stuck?

A: We will have vehicle marshals and guides throughout the trip, who will be able to assist with vehicle recovery

What if my vehicle gets damaged at the event?

A: This is something you will need to clarify with your insurance company

Are we able to bring our own Food & Beverage?

A: Whilst we won’t be enforcing this, all meals for the duration of the event are included in your ticket price and a cash bar will be available on both nights and we would really appreciate you supporting our fundraiser

Are children / kids allowed at the event? And what is the cost?

A: Yes, however to make it simple we have made the price a per head cost without considering age.

What is ROBA fundraising for?

A: Funds raised from this event will go towards scholarships for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to benefit from the experience & education from attending Rathkeale College

Health & Safety

Welcome to the inaugural Rathkeale Old Boys 4WD Tour event! Whilst this is a fun and sociable event, it’s extremely important to us that it’s also a safe one.

In attending this event, you’re gaining access to properties, landscapes, and spectacular views not normally available to the general public. We are very grateful to the owners to allow us to utilise their properties and farms to make this event possible. Equally we are very aware that we need to take every step possible to ensure the safety of all and respect for the land that we will be travelling over.

The tour route itself is not an extreme 4WD track and is designed to be traversed in a sensible fashion, however it is still an off-road event so care and concentration must be applied.


As part of the registration process, each vehicle was required to confirm the suitability of their vehicle and certain features where present. The committee again wish to highlight that these are non-negotiable and will be strictly enforced. Again, for clarity each vehicle must have the following:

  • Current Warrant of Fitness.
  • Suitable Tyres, with at least half tread depth on the tyres, all terrain tread recommended.
  • Tow ball removed, to allow the towing shackle to be fitted.
  • Basic First Aid Kit.
  • Snatch Recovery Strap and Shackles.
  • Suitable Tow Hooks
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Full Time 4WD Capability.
  • Adequate Ground Clearance.
  • Battery securely fitted.

On arrival of each vehicle on the Friday afternoon, vehicle scrutineer’s will be checking that all these requirements have been met, any doubt will be at the sole discretion of the scrutineer and the committee reserve the right to deny any vehicle from taking part in the event.

Furthermore, all drivers must hold a current Full New Zealand Drivers Licence and be over the age of 18.

Whilst we all love a man’s best friend, there is a strict rule that absolutely NO DOGS are permitted on the tour.

As a courtesy to the school and the landowners please ensure that your vehicle on arrival is clean of mud and dirt to help reduce any bio-security risk.

The Event

The Rathkeale Old Boys Committee will do its utmost to carry out the event schedule as advertised.

Naturally safety must factor into any decisions made, therefore the committee reserve the right to alter or cancel any part or all of the event if they feel that weather or any other conditions outside of their control occur.

The committee has specifically chosen this time of the year (Easter) to help minimise this scenario as we believe ground conditions will be firmer following summer and weather conditions are more predictable and less inclement.

If however any or all of the event is cancelled please refer to our cancellation and refund policy on the Rathkeale Old Boys Website.

The Tour

After all vehicles have completed their registration requirements on the opening afternoon a full event briefing will take place at the school dining hall along with a safe operating demonstration.

The Tour is purposely capped at 100 vehicles, to ensure that the event is manageable and not overcrowded.

At the start of each day, there will be a health & safety briefing specific to that day’s tour component along with a health safety notice board for participants to familiarise themselves with.

The daily route please commentary on features and terrain will also be available in the tour guide booklet provided to each vehicle.

Some parts of the tour will utilise public roads, participants obviously must follow the normal rules of travelling on New Zealand roads at these times. Once the tour starts or re-enters farmland and/or farm tracks 4WD must be engaged and remain so whilst off road.

The tour is a guided one, and dedicated safety / lead vehicles will be positioned at the front, throughout the middle and at the rear of the convoy. These vehicles will be operated by representatives of the committee and will be identifiable as wearing high vis vest branded with the ROBA 4WD logo and flags with the same logo on their vehicles.

These vehicles will act also as recovery vehicles should the situation arise and will be equipped with portable VHF radios.

In addition, tractors will be positioned at strategic points along the tour for more challenging recoveries.

Please ensure you follow these vehicles and the marshal’s instructions at all times.

When travelling in convoy always allow appropriate space between vehicles, always keep the vehicle behind you in sight, if they stop our fall behind, please wait for them to reappear in your vision.

If the vehicle in front of you is having difficult or slows down, please hold back, and allow them manoeuvring space.

No overtaking or stopping during travel unless instructed too by the marshals.

Keep your speed suitable for the terrain and seatbelts must be worn at all times.

No alcohol to be consumed whilst driving on the tour by the driver or any occupants.

Most importantly as the tour travels off road and away from town, there are no petrol stations or fuel stops nearby. It is highly recommended that you arrive on the Friday afternoon with a full tank of petrol to avoid any problems whilst out on the tour.

There are numerous petrol stations located in Masterton which is only a short 6km drive away from the Rathkeale College school grounds where the tour is based.

Finally drive safely and enjoy the tour!

Vehicle Requirements

Prior to your vehicle being able to join the tour.

Vehicle Scrutineers will be checking for the following at Rathkeale College on the Friday Afternoon:

  • Current Warrant of Fitness.
  • Suitable Tyres, with at least half tread depth on the tyres, all terrain tread recommended.
  • Tow ball removed, to allow the towing shackle to be fitted.
  • Basic First Aid Kit.
  • Snatch Recovery Strap and Shackles.
  • Suitable Tow Hooks
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Full Time Low Ratio 4WD Capability.
  • Adequate Ground Clearance.
  • Battery securely fitted.

Cancellation Policy

Naturally this event is highly weather dependent, and the ROBA team will be monitoring the long term forecast as closely as possible.

If the event is unable to go ahead due to weather conditions, all participants will be notified as soon as possible, and a full refund provided.

If the trip is called off during the event a pro-rata refund will be provided less any costs incurred up to that point.

For clarity:       

  • Day One is a half day (25%)
  • Day Two is a full day (50%)
  • Day Three is a half day (25%)

Costs incurred would be defined as meals already provided and/or prepared.

If for some reason you and or / members of your group are unable to attend, and you provide notice to us via email 14 days prior to the event start date, a full refund will be provided for the number/s of people unable to attend.

If you wish to cancel your registration from the event and again if this is received via email 28 days prior to the event start date, a full refund will be provided.

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