Rathkeale Old Boys' Association Membership

Rathkeale Old Boys' Membership

All boys who have attended the College are eligible for membership of the Association.

At the time of enrolment at the College, parents/caregivers pay an enrolment fee. Upon a boy's departure from the College, parents/caregivers are given the option of having the fee refunded or of having it utilized to fund life membership of ROBA.

The vast majority of families choose for the latter option which is only activated once all monies owing to the College have been paid. Staff who have served the college for more than 10 years are made honorary members of the Association.

Funding / Giving

The purpose of the Rathkeale Old Boys' Association is to connect Old Boys with each other and the College. Our income to do that is currently only from members' once-a-lifetime subscription. That is not enough to fund some of the major projects the Old Boys have supported over the years, such as the cricket pavilion on the Oval, the College gates, and the Squash Court. Donations are always welcome.

However, members should not think that being involved with ROBA will necessarily mean they are asked for money. First, and foremost, we want Old Boys to engage with ROBA, and with their friends and contemporaries from school. "Friend-Raising", not fundraising is the priority. Do not be put off attending a ROBA event for fear that you will be asked to give money, especially a contribution toward a project ROBA is supporting at the College.

Having said that, there are a number of Old Boys who do want to support ROBA and the College financially. Their contributions are gratefully received. There are significant and important projects that do need our support. If you are interested in contributing directly to the College, or to a current ROBA project in the College, or simply the resources of ROBA to make it a more successful organisation, please contact the President or Vice President. Confidentiality, where requested, can be assured. Over the years, the contributions of individual Old Boys have made a significant difference to the College and to ROBA.

Member Directory

A directory of Rathkeale Old Boys is available to members only. The sole purpose of this directory is for old boys to connect and network with other old boys. No information is to be used for commercial purposes or passed onto third parties.

Members will be asked to login with their email address and password. If you do not know your password, follow the instructions provided.

Member Directory

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