Rathkeale Old Boys' Association

The Association

Patron John S. Taylor, Esq

John Taylor was Headmaster of Rathkeale College 1979-1987

The Rathkeale College Old Boys' Association was established on March 9th 1969 when it was known as The Rathkeale Association. The Rathkeale Old Boys' Association (ROBA) is an incorporated society whose objectives include advancing the welfare and development of Rathkeale College and fostering social contact between Old Boys of the College.

The Founding Committee:

G.A. Harwood
G.W Smith
Executive Member
R. Cotter
Committee Members

J. Ladd

B. Adams

Along with Old Boys of the College, ROBA includes staff who have served the College for more than ten years and who are honorary members of the association.

Current Committee

The 2023 ROBA Committee


Edward Cox (Wellington)

Vice President

 Blair Ewington (Wairarapa)


Tristan Armitage (Wairarapa)


Scott Andrew (Wairarapa)


Grant Harper (Wairarapa)

Stuart McKenzie (Wairarapa)

David Aitken (Auckland)

Andy Sims (Wairarapa)

Richard White (Wairarapa)

Cricket Club


Shay O'Gorman (Wairarapa)

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