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Dear Old Boys,

Old Boys' Honours Tie presentation 23 March 2023: Sir Maarten Wevers

It is my pleasure to announce that our Association will be presenting an Old Boys' Honours Tie to Sir Maarten Wevers (1965-69) at a special assembly at Rathkeale College at 2 PM on 23 March 2023. All Old Boys are very welcome to attend.

The presentation of Old Boys' Honours Ties is a new initiative by Rathkeale Old Boys' Association. It recognises members who have made outstanding achievements in their lives after Rathkeale. The purpose is twofold; to congratulate the recipient, but more importantly to be an inspiration to current and future students of what they might achieve from the same physical starting point. It speaks to one of the four Pillars standing in the quad: that the current students " stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before", as did we all. A photographic portrait of the recipient, along with the citation for their award, is unveiled and will be on permanent display at Rathkeale so students can, literally, look up to the example those Old Boys have set.

In 2022 we awarded the inaugural Honours Tie to Don French (1972-1976) for his extraordinary mountaineering career. We hope to make several further awards over the next few years to give the program momentum.

We will be hosting a function in the School House Common Room (the Archives Room) at 2:30 PM after the assembly. If you will be attending please RSVP to


Ed Cox
Rathkeale Old Boys' Association

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